MecWash unveil Aqua-Save Ultra, new coolant and waste water treatment unit

MecWash have launched a new waste water treatment system that reduces disposal costs by up to 95%. The new high capacity Aqua-Save Ultra can process up to 30 litres an hour of waste water from manufacturing processes.  This complements the smaller Aqua-Save Junior system, which processes up to 15 litres per hour.

The Aqua-Save range has been developed for the treatment and recycling of industrial waste water, including wash water from parts cleaning equipment, coolant and dye penetrant, reducing the need for expensive off-site treatment and disposal.

The fully automatic Aqua-Save Ultra water treatment system can be added to any aqueous wash system to maintain solution cleanliness and washing performance, to reduce machine downtime, minimise effluent disposal and save money. The machine boils the waste solution and evaporates the water, concentrating the remaining waste oil and contaminants, which are then discharged. The clean distillate can be reused in the wash system or coolant, or disposed of, subject to appropriate controls and permissions.

While processing twice the volume of the smaller Junior, the Ultra retains a close family resemblance. The versatile nature of the Aqua-Save Ultra, which is mounted on castors, facilitates easy relocation from a wash system to a coolant intermediate bulk container (IBC). The self-contained system comprises a built-in waste receptacle and antifoam dosing, in case the waste stream requires it.

Aqua-Save Ultra

A division of MecWash Systems Ltd, Aqua-Save Technologies was established in 2006 to help maintain wash machine water quality and address the issue of industrial waste water disposal from both production and environmental perspectives.

An Aqua-Save Junior features as a processing focal point at HS Rowe and Partners. Mark Statham, general manager, said: “We have positioned the Aqua-Save Junior alongside one of our main aqueous-based washing stations, allowing it to link directly to that process.  We also bring in a regular series of IBCs from other processing locations around the site and, with the simple switch of a lever, link these periodically to the Aqua-Save facility. The results in both processing and environmental terms are significant to the extent that complete pay back on the installation will be realised, we believe, within little more than 18 months.”

John Pattison, managing director of MecWash, said: "Recycling remains high on the agenda for most manufacturing companies. Businesses are very aware of the environmental, reputational and financial costs of unnecessary consumption and wastage. The Aqua-Save is a compact and versatile system and demonstrates commitment to delivering on ISO 14001, the international standard for an effective environmental management system.

“The cost savings offered by Aqua-Save products mean the equipment pays for itself very quickly. We have online calculators available on our website to to allow manufacturers to quickly work out the potential cost savings they can achieve.”

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