A division of MecWash Systems Limited, Aqua-Save Technologies was established in 2006 to help maintain wash machine water quality and to solve the issue of disposing of industrial waste water – from both a production and environmental point of view.

The Aqua-Save is designed to recover and re-use industrial waste water arising from wash and rinse solutions, waste coolant and dye penetrant. This removes the potentially high cost and inconvenience of off-site disposal and produces water that can be recycled back into an industrial process.

Aqua-save 30
Aqua-save Junior 2

How it works

The Aqua-Save is an integrated evaporator, with condenser. Waste solution is drawn into the process chamber, producing distilled water and concentrated waste.

The entire process is controlled and monitored by a PLC, so the system can operate unattended.

The Aqua-Save system can be added to any aqueous wash system to maintain solution cleanliness and washing performance, while saving money by reducing machine downtime and minimising effluent disposal.

Treat, recover and reuse waste water within your own premises, thereby removing the high cost and inconvenience of off-site disposal, as well as the added benefits of recycling the water back into industrial processes.

How it works diagram

Aqua-Save Junior and Ultra

There are two standard systems: the Aqua-Save Junior, producing between 10-15 litres of clean water per hour, and the Aqua-Save Ultra, producing between 20-30 litres of clean water per hour.


  • Up to 95% reduction in disposal costs
  • Wash water, waste coolants and general waste water all treated
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Aqua-Save Junior 2
Aqua-Save 30


Description Aqua-Save Junior Aqua-Save Ultra
Solution Processed/Hour 10-15 litres/hour 20-30 litres/hour
Overall Machine Size(w x l x h) 415 x 1100 x 1500mm 650 x 1600 x 1500mm
Maximum Load Weight 250Kg 480Kg
Power Supply 400V 3-phase + Earth 400V 3-phase + Earth
Power usage 11 kw 24 kw
Services Required Power supply and compressed air Power supply and compressed air