The MecWash Process

Our single chamber multi-process system means:

  • Washing, rinsing and drying in one chamber
  • Compact design requires minimal floor space
  • Fully automatic system with programmable PLC control
  • Fully enclosed system with no toxic vapours in the workplace
  • Water and energy efficient
  • Variable speed contra-rotation, ensuring...
    • All component surfaces are exposed to fluid contact
    • Good drainage, minimal carry-over and fast drying
  • Oscillation and static options where required

Dedicated jetting for complex geometries with critical apertures (blind holes, fine passage ways):

  • Jets are positioned over holes, guaranteeing consistent cleaning
  • Continuous flushing and air purging as the component rotates
  • Excellent results and fast cycle times

Ultrasonics wash and rinse:

  • Ultrasonics loosens tenacious contaminants, greases and polishing compounds
  • The choice of frequency and power addresses a range of contaminants
  • Vacuum and pulse degassing ensures efficient ultrasonic process
  • Rotation eliminates dead spots

The effectiveness of flood washing complements basic spray process:

  • Good penetration of complex components with blind holes, oil ways, water galleries etc or baskets of loose components
  • Long contact time, enabling chemistry to work effectively
  • High volume flow and replenishment rate ensures excellent particulate removal

Effective Solution Management:

  • Particulate removal - using strainer baskets, bag, cartridge and magnetic filters
  • Oil removal - using separators or skimmers
  • Emulsified and dissolved contamination - removed using our Aqua-Save water recycling system, removes contaminants and returns clean water to the tank
  • Rinse Polishing - recirculating system for rinse to manage water purity

Hot Air and Vacuum Drying:

  • Hot air drying - a high velocity blower and an in-line air heater quickly and efficiently remove moisture from the components and chamber
  • Vacuum drying is used for complex components where blind holes and close fitting surfaces hold water due to capillary action and also where high levels of dryness are required

  • Ultrasonics

  • Flood

  • Spray

  • Dedicated Jetting

  • Air Purging

  • Hot Air Dry

  • Vacuum Drying