In-house laboratory evaluation of components is a key initial step in understanding the requirements. Understanding the substrate, the contamination and the cleanliness requirements all contribute to designing the best cleaning solution for your unique requirements. We can also identify potential issues and propose alternative options to ensure optimal cleaning process results.

Our ability to design and formulate our own chemicals means that we have a deep understanding of the chemical issues. Also we can formulate specific chemicals for highly specialised applications or substrates.

Once the laboratory analysis is completed, machine trials demonstrate the proposed process. We can undertake Millipore tests or surface tension tests or customer specific tests to analyse the cleanliness level achieved.

While our standard range of aqueous cleaning systems can be tailored extensively to address most applications, this is not always possible. For particularly complex, large or unusual requirements we work hard with our customers to design and build a bespoke system to meet their needs.

From understanding, defining and evaluating your requirements through to designing, manufacturing and commissioning your cleaning system, we have only one aim – providing you with a cleaning system which delivers superior performance and ongoing reliability. However our work does not stop there. A MecWash customer is a customer for life. The systems are designed to be very robust and durable, but they will need servicing and support. Also customers may change the application of the system many times during its lifetime. We are always there to provide support, guidance or new fixtures.