We offer our customers:

  • Laboratory and R&D facility for analysing customer samples
  • Design office with Solid Works 3D modelling software
  • Manufacturing facility for washing and water recycling systems
  • Manufacturing facility for cleaning chemicals and inhibitors
  • Team of service engineers to maintain systems at peak performance
  • Agents/distributors around the world

Our parts washers support the full range of engineering processes, including machined castings, forgings, turned parts, pressings, extrusions and mouldings. Our systems are used in the aerospace, defence, general engineering and medical industries.

Our machines are designed to accommodate standard baskets and containers or individually tailored fixtures. The versatility of our washing process gives you total flexibility to address various disparate components in one machine.

Our comprehensive understanding of cleaning chemicals – supported by our own in-house design, formulation and testing facility – means we can supply the optimum blend of process, chemistry and systems expertise that manufacturing industry demands.

System integration is part of the MecWash story. It is vital that each system in the range integrates seamlessly with other handling and ancillary equipment - each MecWash installation can be tailored to meet precise handling requirements.

Customers include Rolls-Royce, ZF TRW, Delphi, JCB, Parker Hannifin, Perkins, UTC Aerospace Systems, Pall, Eaton, Renishaw, Jaguar Land Rover, Pratt & Whitney, Cummins and Triumph Motorcycles. These blue chip companies are not only leading organisations within their fields, they are also part of a track record of which we are proud.