MecWash MWX300 optimises component cleaning at Hydraulic System Products

Hydraulic System Products (HSP) contacted MecWash Systems to upgrade their component cleaning to meet increasing demand and the strict cleanliness requirements of their clients. With high standards required from their customers in the OEM construction industry, the quality of the wash and dry process was essential to the success of the business.

For almost 30 years, MecWash Systems has built industrial parts washing machines for a wide range of engineering companies across the globe. The experience of MecWash of working with companies in the hydraulic sector is extensive, with customers such as Bosch Rexroth, JCB, HUSCO, Concentric AB, Parker Hannifin, IMI Precision, Hydraforce Hydraulics and Related Fluid Power all benefitting from the aqueous parts washing systems build by the Tewkesbury based company.

Alan Atkinson, sales manager at MecWash, said: “HSP contacted us to find out how we could optimise their cleaning programme. Speaking with the team at HSP, their core business is supplying volume product timely to their customers’ schedules, but also adapting or developing new products within days so they are dependent on efficient and smooth production,” said Alan.

HSP designs and manufactures hydraulic test equipment, valves and niche control components for fluid power systems used in industrial and mobile applications. Manufacturing cartridge valves, in-line valves, manifolds & accessories, hydraulic test kits, measuring equipment, pressure gauges and microbore hoses for over 50 years.

Alan continued: “We carried out extensive research at HSP to fully understand the application and the contaminants involved in their hydraulic products. Delivering precision engineered parts manufactured to the highest specifications requires the components to be cleaned rigorously.

Solid particle contamination can seriously interfere with the operation of the hydraulic system components and lubrication properties of the hydraulic fluid. This causes an increased wear to the components resulting in additional maintenance and repair costs, and a substantial decrease in the system’s service life.

The established cleaning process of MecWash machines is to rotate components held securely in baskets, fixtures or plastic containers about the horizontal axis while subjecting them to a high-volume spray or flood process coupled with ultrasonics (where appropriate), producing a powerful washing action that fully penetrates the workload. MecWash Systems has a history of meeting the highest cleaning requirements of the manufacturing sector.

The MWX300 was selected as the most effective machine for HSP’s application, with full ultrasonic cleaning functionality. The ultrasonic wash and ultrasonic rinse capabilities transmit high-frequency sound waves through the wash solution which destabilises the contamination and facilitates fast and economical cleaning with high process quality.

The processes that follow include a flood and spray rinse, hot air dry, vacuum dry and ambient air cooling which provides an extremely thorough cleaning and drying process, resulting in a fantastic finish,” said Alan.

Stephen Westwood, general manager at HSP, said: “We wanted to upgrade our existing component wash ability from an ultrasonic immersion tank, which was labour intensive and inefficient. We considered several manufacturers, but through trials and proving out of the MecWash MWX300’s capabilities, we were impressed with the machine’s excellent cleaning results.

This improvement has enabled us to consistently meet or exceed our OEM client’s stringent cleanliness standards. We are delighted with our new machine and value its ability to clean and achieve our customers stringent cleanliness standards. We are very pleased with the high levels of support and aftersales care from the MecWash team,” said Stephen.

John Pattison, managing director of MecWash, said: “We are delighted that HSP has benefitted from purchasing the MWX300. This compact machine is proving to be incredibly popular due to its ability to run 24/7 with consistent and precise cleaning of intricate components. The increase in cleaning efficiency and the reduction in environmental impact generates both immediate and lasting benefits to our customers.

The support that HSP has benefitted from is provided as standard to all our customers. ‘The MecWash approach’ details our long-term commitment, starting from building the bespoke machine and recommending the most effective chemical solution for their application. We are there to advise and support the customer with their machine over the course of its substantial lifespan,” said John.