The MecWash approach focuses on understanding the process and chemistry required to remove the contamination from a component and to protect the substrate during and after the wash process. Only once this process and chemistry are understood should the machine be specified to deliver the cleaning result required.

Once a customer has purchased a MecWash machine we are always there for support. If a customer identifies anomalies in their wash or rinse solution, or has problems cleaning a component, we can analyse samples to identify the problem and advise how to attain a high quality wash. Also, if a customer changes the use of a machine, perhaps a different component geometry, substrate or cutting oil / coolant and has difficulties attaining the wash standard required, we are on hand to advise on the necessary process and chemistry changes to achieve the required result.


The MecWash chemical range is designed to address most common applications, and a number of unusual ones too. All are designed to work well in MecWash machines. We are also familiar with a range of wash chemicals supplied by other manufacturers, should you have a requirement to use a specific non-MecWash chemical, and can test other suppliers’ chemicals to ensure compatibility with our machines.

For particularly complex substrates or applications, MecWash will work with a customer to design a wash chemical or inhibitor specifically for their requirements.



At MecWash, our comprehensive and lasting commitment to our customers starts with the initial commissioning which includes extensive training to operator and maintenance team as well as machine set up and trials - we always seek to deliverer excellence to our customers.

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