Pegler Group invests in latest MecWash MWX400 – 25 years after installing its first MecWash Midi system

One of the world’s leading manufacturers of advanced plumbing, heating and engineering products is continuing to invest in what it considers to be the best aqueous component cleaning system – more than 25 years after it commissioned its first one.

The Pegler Group, based at Doncaster in South Yorkshire, distributes its range of plumbing fittings to more than 110 countries worldwide.

In 1994, the company turned to Tewkesbury based MecWash for a washing system to replace its inefficient dunk wash machine and rotational basket spray wash machine. Pegler was so impressed with the levels of cleanliness produced and the ever increasing throughput, it went on to install three more MecWash systems over the next six years.

During that time, Pegler has seen significant growth and like other component manufacturers, it demands ever increasing levels of cleanliness to cater for the expectations of its own customers.

Committed to the MecWash systems and based on the excellent cleaning results over the past quarter of a century, the company has invested in the MWX400, one of the latest generation in precision cleaning systems.

Steve Potts, production engineer at Pegler Yorkshire, said: “With growth we have seen a need to increase the levels of production and that means having a washing system capable of keeping pace without compromise to cleaning results.

“The existing systems we have still work very well and continuously maintain our high levels of cleanliness, and have always been durable and reliable. The addition of the next generation MWX400 ensures even greater integration with our production systems and it can be adapted more easily for future growth.

“Most importantly, the MWX400 is producing even higher levels of cleaning standards than is expected. It is an exceptional washing system that will adapt to our future production growth and cleaning demands. It is also highly efficient, ensuring reduced costs.”

The MWX400 combines ultrasonics with high flow washing, rinsing, dedicated jetting and vacuum drying to provide the highest quality of component cleaning and drying available.

The systems are designed to process complex and intricate machined or pressed parts that require high standards of cleanliness, surface finish and dryness. This includes the removal of all types of contamination, from soluble and mineral oils to greases, polishing compounds, lapping pastes and dye penetrants.

John Pattison, managing director of MecWash, said: “Pegler Yorkshire is a long established customer and this is due to the cleaning results they are achieving. They have seen how a well developed and manufactured washing system can surpass the results they needed.

“By working with them, as we do with all of our customers, we can ensure the right mix of washing technology through our systems combined with the right cleaning chemicals. That is something we pride ourselves on and can be seen in the returning business we receive from customers such as Pegler.”

Image caption: The Pegler Group using the MecWash MWX400.