Cox Powertrain use MecWash Solo to assist with global expansion

Cox Powertrain, the innovative British manufacturers of high-powered diesel outboard engines, contacted MecWash to find a parts washing system to assist their cleaning processes. After a period of growth, the engineers found that the workload had increased substantially and Cox needed to improve efficiency.

Peter Woodhead, manufacturing engineer at Cox Powertrain, said: “We contacted MecWash following recommendations we had received from our hydraulics supplier who already had a MecWash cleaning system.

"Speaking with Paul Jarratt, sales manager at MecWash, it was clear MecWash could provide the machines which could cope with the workload. The main goal with the parts washing machine was to clean the coolant and swarf from aluminium machined parts and hydraulic components."

Paul comments: “After talking to Peter and listening to Cox’s situation, the Solo was the most suitable machine thanks to its ability to remove preservative oils, machining lubricants, metal swarf and chips from machined components. The MecWash Solo provides powerful rotational spray washing and hot air drying to clean the contaminants from their machined parts. The compact footprint of the Solo makes it an ideal choice for a busy workshop where floorspace is at a premium."

Peter Woodhead continued: “The Solo has given the team confidence the components will be clean and dry plus the efficiency of the machine means the growth we have seen on the production line does not impact the cleanliness standards of our work.”

The Cox Powertrain story is remarkable. In the 1990s, Charles Good began his search for a lightweight diesel engine capable of satisfying the large global demand for a diesel outboard engine. After being unable to find one, he secured the financial backing needed to create one. Cox Powertrain was then able to purpose build state-of-the-art production facilities. Smart technology and delivery of exceptional quality standards help ensure the flawless quality of the Cox Powertrain engines.

Today, Cox Powertrain are worldwide leaders with their V8 diesel outboard, the CXO300 which has proved popular due to safety, superior performance, reliability and a equipment life span by taking the best from the automotive world and combining it with the very best technologies from the marine industry.

The CXO300 diesel outboard represents a new generation of technology which includes up to 30% fuel savings and 30% less CO2 emissions. This is perfect for both commercial and recreational use, and the CXO300 engine is being enjoyed by yachting enthusiasts around the world.

John Pattison, managing director at MecWash, comments: “We are confident that our advanced washing system will surpass the cleaning results Cox Powertrain require. Our commitment to working closely with our customers means we are able to support Cox in getting the optimum cleaning solution.

“The uniqueness of their product, the scaling of the business and the effective fundraising has put Cox in a very strong position moving forward and I look forward to following their journey.” adds John.

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