MecWash to launch MWX300 system at MACH 2022

MecWash has announced that the brand new MWX300 aqueous cleaning system will be launched at MACH 2022. 

The machine is designed to be compact for low volume specialist applications, with high cleanliness standards, perfect for the aerospace, electronics and medical sectors.


John Pattison, managing director of MecWash, comments: ‘MACH is the perfect launchpad for the MWX300, and we are thrilled to be attending with a new system. The MWX300 is a smaller version of the MWX400 and uses the proven technology that we have developed continuously since its release in 2016.’ 

The MWX300 chamber size will be 300 x 300 x 400mm long, compared to the MWX400 chamber of 400 x 450 x 600mm. 

John continues: ’The smaller MWX300 offers a combination of precision cleaning and durability, with a reduced footprint. We offer a wide range of bespoke options to fit each customer’s exact cleaning demands and automation requirements.’ 

The MWX300 utilises ultrasonics, combined with high flow washing, rinsing and vacuum drying to provide the highest quality of component cleaning and drying available. The machine is designed to provide higher ultrasonic power to clean intricate to clean even the most complex components. 

The cleaning system features enhanced accessibility for maintenance with internet connectivity allowing remote troubleshooting and easy system updates. 

The robust design ensures the MWX system is equally effective at washing heavy machined castings and precision engineering, delivering consistently high cleanliness standards for industrial cleaning challenges. 

John continues: ‘MACH is the jewel in the British engineering calendar, and after the two-year hiatus, we look forward to meeting customers and acquaintances again. Coinciding with the release of a new cleaning system, this is perfect timing for MecWash, and the team are excited to attend.’ 

For further information about MecWash Systems Limited please visit or call 01684 271600 to discuss your parts cleaning requirements.