MecWash Duo component washing system delivers for RDL Technologies

RDL Technologies has significantly enhanced its operations by acquiring a MecWash Systems industrial parts washing machine. The three-stage, general purpose system reliably cleans and dries over 350,000 contaminated components at the factory each month, consistently delivering outstanding results.

RDL Technologies wanted a parts washing machine that was capable of improving the productivity and efficiency of component cleaning at their CNC specialist factory in Leicester.

Lewis Lockwood, production manager at RDL Technologies, said: “As a leading subcontract manufacturer in the UK, we require a reliable and efficient cleaning system. Our previous ultrasonic tank was inefficient and laborious, so we went to market in search of a more complete system. After thorough research, we decided MecWash was the way to go.

The MecWash Duo provides consistent results for RDL Technologies

“The MecWash Duo is an outstanding washer. We have benefitted from the quality and reliability of our MecWash Duo system, it provides consistent results, leading to excellent customer satisfaction. We have built our company on the ability to react at a moment’s notice to our customers’ demands and short lead times. This has been possible thanks to our large plant list and the efficient MecWash aqueous cleaning system, backed up with a friendly and reliable aftersales department,” said Lewis.

Based in Leicestershire, RDL Technologies specialise in CNC machining, offering a full range of subcontracting services. For over 20 years, RDL has produced high volumes of precision turned parts, a process that needs an effective cleaning procedure to meet the requirements of top manufacturers and the regulatory standards of industry.

Paul Jarratt, sales manager, said: “The team at RDL Technologies wanted a parts washing machine that could effectively clean a high volume of components and increase productivity. After thorough discussions regarding the application, they chose the MecWash Duo, which is a highly versatile aqueous cleaning system, suitable for both large components and dense baskets of small parts.

“The flood and spray washing cycles are powerful enough to provide detailed cleaning with all component surfaces, followed by a re-circulating heated spray rinse then a hot air dry. This process provides high standards of surface finish by removing any residues. The MecWash Duo saves RDL Technologies both time and manpower whilst improving the level of cleaning,” said Paul.

For three decades, MecWash has specialised in the design and manufacturing of aqueous parts washing and degreasing systems for blue-chip companies across the globe.

John Pattison, managing director of MecWash, comments: “We were pleased that RDL Technologies chose the MecWash Duo. It is a compact and efficient interstage cleaning system that can effectively clean the high volume of components required. Investing in a powerful and consistent cleaning system is proven to reduce downtime and increase productivity for manufacturers.

“For 30 years, our team has built parts washing machines for customers across the aerospace, automotive, hydraulics, defence and medical sectors. This gives us absolute confidence in meeting, and exceeding, the specific needs of manufacturers.

“The industrial parts washing systems made by MecWash are capable of cleaning metal and plastic engineering components, even with the most complex of geometries. We embrace each customer application as a challenge to solve,” said John.

MecWash Systems is trusted by world-leading companies from across manufacturing and engineering to deliver precision aqueous component cleaning. To find out more about the full range of MecWash industrial parts washing systems, please contact our sales team to discuss your specific requirements.