MecWash reports new leads and strengthened partnerships at PMTS

Aqueous parts washing specialist MecWash Systems has reported that the 2017 Precision Machining Technology Show (PMTS) in Columbus was a very worthwhile investment.

Many customers had serious inquiries regarding MecWash Systems equipment’s ability to address their high-performance component cleaning requirements. The UK-based company met with numerous visitors at its fourth visit to PMTS, which proved to be the best so far in terms of activity and level of commitment to high quality component cleaning.

North American Operations Manager, Bill Westbrook, said MecWash made a lot of new contacts on which to follow up from attending the show where high visitor numbers paid testament to the current buoyant US economy.

In the UK, MecWash manufactures its own chemicals for component cleaning systems, which the large majority of its UK customers choose to use. In the US, however, while some of MecWash’s US customers use MecWash chemicals for their cleaning needs, many do not.

As such, Westbrook explains: “We often work with US-based chemical companies to deliver to our customers the best chemical products for their particluar applications.

"In the States, we have worked in partnership with Castrol BP, Brulin, Master Chemical and others. PMTS 2017 gave MecWash and its US distributors the chance to further strengthen these relationships."

John Pattison, managing director at MecWash, added: “MecWash systems have been used in the USA since 2006 and have gained a reputation for delivering the highest standards of cleanliness possible. 

“We made a number of quality connections at PMTS and are looking forward to following up all opportunities over the coming weeks as well as further building our partnerships with chemical manufacturers to offer a seamless service for customers,” he added.