There’s never been a better time to invest in an Aqua-Save system

With Brexit on the horizon, many experts are predicting higher costs for manufacturing as well as uncertainty on the future of existing EU legislation regarding environmental performance.

This uncertainty means now is an excellent time for UK firms to consider further reducing their operating costs as well as improving their environmental credentials so their firm remains in a strong position in this time of change.

Leading the way in this fight for competitive advantage are Walker Precision, APPH (part of BBA Aviation) and Pailton Enginering, three companies who have announced massive cost savings on waste disposal thanks to an Aqua-Save system from Tewkesbury based MecWash.

Aqueous parts washing specialist, MecWash,says existing legislation regarding wastewater disposal is very complex and likely to remain so but this by-product is unavoidable from many production processes involving the use of machine tools or metal forming equipment, among others.

Paul Jarratt, sales manager of MecWash Systems, says: “Dealing with the rules regarding wastewater disposal is complex and companies can face the prospect of fines of up to £20,000 should they make a mistake. For many companies the best approach is to significantly reduce the amount of wastewater they need to dispose of in the first place.

“The Aqua-Save systems, which are easy to install and can even be portable, significantly reduce the amount of water going for disposal – in fact by up to 95% in some production processes. This waste water is instead recycled and available for applications elsewhere on site leading to savings on water and energy bills which translate into a further cash benefit for the user,” he added.

The financial incentives do not stop there as firms investing in the systems also gain financial rewards for improving their environmental performance through the Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA). This means businesses investing in products and technologies that encourage sustainable water usage gain significant financial incentives.

Paul adds: “For every £100 invested in an Aqua-Save system, a company’s corporation tax will be reduced by up to £20 in the first year. ECA eligibility can be checked before purchasing and the amount claimed is for the entire cost of the system which includes installation costs.”  

Companies that are already seeing the benefits of Aqua-Save include Walker Precision where disposal volume was reduced by 90% while APPH, part of the BBA Aviation Group, saw their collections reduced from every six weeks at a total cost of some £5,000 annually to just one 8,000 litre disposal per year.

Pailton Engineering, a leading  manufacturer of steering and suspension equipment for the HGV and construction market worldwide, reduced waste volumes after installing an Aqua-Save Junior. Now an off-site disposal is only needed every 24 months instead of every four to six weeks! This has also led to a far better environmental performance which plays a key role in the company’s ISO 14001 accreditation. 

MecWash Managing Director, John Pattison, says: “As we start to learn more about the impact of Brexit, many experts are predicting higher costs for raw materials which will have a significant impact on many manufacturers so this is an excellent time for companies to consider any ways that they can save money.

“Effluent from wash systems creates production downtime, incurs labour costs to dump, clean and refill process tanks, uses a lot of energy to reheat the solutions and incurs expensive disposal costs.

“The Aqua-Save system, however, continuously recovers and re-uses the wash water in parts cleaning systems and significantly reduces the need for disposal. Water quality is maintained throughout production ensuring that parts exit the system in a clean condition, without contamination with oily residues. With the tax benefits added as well as the difference such systems can make to gaining ISO accreditation, I would urge any firms paying for off-site disposal of waste water to contact us and find out how an Aqua-Save system can help.

“All engineering firms have continuous customer pressure for greater efficiency and enhanced environmental performance.  The Aqua-Save will not only save them money but also help build their reputation as a supplier of choice as we move forward,” he added.

Launched back in 2006, Aqua-Save helps to maintain wash machine water quality and to solve the issue of disposing of industrial waste water - from both a production and environmental point of view – and can help companies save more than £10,000 per annum.

The systems have been developed for the treatment and recycling of industrial waste water, including wash water from parts cleaning equipment, dye penetrant and waste coolant from metalworking operations and can reduce effluent to under 5% of original volume.

Aqua-Save machines can be fitted to many aqueous cleaning machines to effectively separate the coolant and other dissolved / emulsified contaminants (removed from components during the cleaning process) from the water; enabling the cleaned water to be returned to the process or to be reused elsewhere which vastly reduces the volume and cost of waste disposal.

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