MecWash Pipe Washer Sorts Cleaning Problem in India

MecWash has designed an innovative system to meet the high levels of cleanliness needed at a new engine plant being set up in India by a blue chip engineering company.

The challenge for MecWash was to design a system able to cope with cleaning a wide range of pipes, with internal diameters ranging from 6mm to 22mm and different lengths (up to 2m long). The pipes come in various convoluted shapes, many with fittings on the end.

The customer, who already uses MecWash systems in the UK and India, could not find any acceptable system on the market and needed one designed. The MecWash research and development team undertook tests and trials to demonstrate the system concept, then the design team specified the bespoke system to meet the customer’s needs.

The innovative system features a range of adjustable fixtures able to clamp a tube at virtually any angle, each fixture has soft seals to avoid any damage to the pipes.  This allows wash solution to be flushed through the pipes at pressure, while the exterior is simultaneously sprayed. This process is then followed by dual internal and external hot air drying systems which remove the moisture from the pipes.

Parts washed using the system, were tested by the customer in the UK and passed the stringent cleanliness specifications.  The system has now been despatched to India and installed in the plant.

MecWash Managing Director, John Pattison said: “This is a great example of how we work together with our customers to address unique cleaning challenges. Most wash system manufacturers either don’t have the expertise or aren’t prepared to invest the time to address such complex one-off requirements and high cleanliness standards. 

“At MecWash, we relish these challenges. We have the capabilities to develop prototypes, the technology for cleanliness testing, the skills to formulate specialist wash chemicals and a strong design team to create one-off systems efficiently.

“Customers often come to us when other suppliers have failed them and we are always delighted to demonstrate to them what is possible with high quality aqueous wash systems,” he added. 

MecWash specialises in manufacturing a range of standard and special purpose machines for use in the Aerospace, Automotive, Defence, General Engineering and Medical industries.

Previous challenges the firm has met include flushing cooling channels in turbine blades, a high pressure lance system for long drilled holes in engine blocks and washing complex components such as fuel injectors, aerospace sensors and heat exchangers.