Aqua-Save system featured in November’s Machinery Magazine!

The lead feature in the November edition of Machinery Magazine is an investigation in to the different ways in which UK manufacturers can cut energy, water and air usage for the benefit of the environment, in return for a 20% tax credit toward the cost of energy saving systems and equipment.

The MecWash Aqua-Save, a system developed specifically for the treatment and recycling of industrial waste water, is included in the feature – where UK manufacturer, Leicester Precision Components, highlights the benefits of using a MecWash Midi parts washer in tandem with the Aqua-Save unit.

The article reports, ‘The machine’s [Aqua-Save] evaporative process is claimed to be greater than 90% efficient (returning for example 920 L of recycled water from 1,000 L); it is most energy-efficient when coupled with a component washing machine that supplies wash water that is still hot… thus reducing the energy input required to raise water temperature to achieve evaporation.’

Managing Director of MecWash, John Pattison, commented: “The Aqua-Save system effectively resolves the issue of expensive off-site treatment and disposal – recycling up to 90% of industrial waste water from parts cleaning equipment, dye penetrant and waste coolant from metalworking operations.

“The Machinery magazine feature highlights the unit’s water and cost saving benefits which manufacturers may not be aware of.”

The units are available in two capacities: the Aqua-Save Junior can process 10-15 l/hr whilst the Aqua-Save 30 can handle 30-40 l/hr. Manufacturers can claim the 20% tax break for both units, providing the site can reuse at least 40% of the recycled water.

For more details about the MecWash Aqua-Save units, please visit our dedicated site here. Alternatively please click here to read the Machinery article in full.