Specialist turned parts manufacturer answers 'Solvent emissions directive' with MecWash Aqueous technology

Consistently high levels of component cleaning, dramatic savings in man power requirements and environmental improvements are all key benefits now being enjoyed by one of the UK's leading specialists in turned parts manufacturing following the installation of a MecWash Systems aqueous-based component cleaning station. Rugby-based Davromatic Precision Ltd. now uses a single MecWash Solo, linked to a mobile Aqua-Save waste water processing unit, as a key element in its manufacturing processes with, it says, tangible advantages the result.

"We produce up to 200,000 parts per week up to 22mm in diameter through six CNC machines and ten multi-spindle units," comments Managing Director at Davromatic, Martin Ollis, "and the MecWash unit can now handle them all by operating between four and six hours each day. With customers in the UK and overseas in industries that include defence, aerospace and automotive as well as medical and electrical componentry, component cleanliness is absolutely paramount. Whilst this has always been a key requirement of our production processes, the decision to install the MecWash unit has now released man power for other duties, saved in energy costs and, importantly, helped us to eradicate potential risks arising from solvent use."

The compact, stand-alone MecWash Solo 300 unit requires a floor space of only 1.1m x 1.2m and features a centrally loaded, rotating drum within which components are subjected to programmable flood, spray washing and drying processes. The components are moved directly from the machining stations into wire mesh baskets, two of which can be loaded into each wash cycle with the drum simply indexed through 180º. Each basket, which is handled via a roller conveyer running across the front of the unit, accommodates a lid to hold components securely in place. Clean products are then moved directly to despatch or, in some cases, to further processes such as heat treating.

The Aqua-Save unit is located directly alongside the MecWash Solo and continuously cleans and recycles the wash water. Concentrated oily waste, typically less than 5% of original volume, is then the only waste material that requires removal from site, enhancing the environmental benefits already arising from the MecWash aqueous-based technology. "The avoidance of solvents clearly not only helps us to meet SED regulations but also helps us to ensure the quality of the operating environment for our workforce is as high as possible," adds Martin Ollis.

"The installation at Davromatic is an excellent example of a relatively small but specialist organisation benefiting from our technology," comments MecWash Director Paul Young. "The installation can handle the range of materials the company uses including stainless steel, nickel, brass and aluminium and is well suited to the very high standards that are required in its marketplace. We are confident that savings in manpower and materials used will enable the investment to be paid back within less than three years and, importantly, is enhancing the high quality reputation that Davromatic already has with its customer base."